Spirit of 83 Memorial 83 for 83 Sponsors
September 11, 2020

The "Spirit of 83 Memorial" Featuring the Mike Guttormson Memorial Feature Event Friday Night September 18th.  Special Thanks goes out to these Business', Fans, and Drivers who helped to Sponsor this event


Spirit of 83 - "83 For 83 Sponsors"

Misgen Auto Salvage
Action Builders
Rod's Drywall - Rod McKenzie
KC Lawn Care
Shawn Elward Trucking
Med City Collisiion
Risius Motor Sales
Miner Outdoor
Hansen Tire
Iron Man Fab and Race Bodies
Spring Valley Automotive - Randall Dogget
Darrells Muffler Shop 
Sorenson & Sorenson Painting
Action Engineering 
Ace Hardware 
Med City Painting
Justin's Lawn Care - Justin Hovde
Tinys Body Shop
Wigham's Onsite Services LLC - Ryan & Brittany Wigham
Stark Motorsports
Double M Transport
Trom Transportation - Kevin and Lisa Trom

Daniel Guttormson & Kyndra Nies
Roger Dushek
Klane Dushek
Hastings & Wiedeman
Dan Mattick
Don Svoboda
Sonny Willliams
Becky Campion
Paul Kroneman 
Wasmund Racing
Jason Gabrielson
Dan Garnatz
Wieman Racing
Kim and Jackie Crawford
Tom Davidson
Maas Racing
Stacy Jacobson
Don Nystel & Maynard Johnson
Darwyn Karau
Chris Loberg Racing
Greg Pfeifer
Steve Behne
Michelle & Jituana Guttormson, and Sam Arnold
Peter Greenman
The Bultman Family
Mike and Kathy Madsen
Steve and Brenda Sorenson
Dave Bracken
Jay Ackerman, Jackie Jensen, and Bill & Teressa Wilde
Jeff Nelson and Family

Roger Westra # 7
        Action Builders
Don Wytaske # 20
        Action Builders
Don Wytaske # 20
        Michael Wytaske & Melanie Stock
Julius "Louie" Grage # 21
        Family of
Dan Spilman # 27
        Action Builders
Dave Noble # 75
        Rich, Lisa & Amber Rose Hanenberger
Mike Guttormson # 83
        Rob, Mary, Hunter, Mitchell Gleason, Heidi Watts
Mike Guttormson # 83
        Al and Cindy Crom
Rick Nies  #96
         Kris Nies
Robert Finholdt
        Mark & Annette Wytaske
Don & Delores Wytaske
        Kyle, Chelssy, Nash, Brexlie, Kletschka
Gus Jacobsen Drainage
        Eric and Jill Mauer
Dave Braaten
        Cathy Braaten
Gary "Tiny's" Davidson
        Tom Davidson