Drivers Don't Miss Out on Your $5 Rebate Friday Night
May 7, 2019

It was a successful Test and Tune Tuesday Night at Chateau and several drivers are lined up to get their $5 rebate by having all their paperwork for the season completed and turned in already ahead of registration Friday Night for the Season Opener.  However some of the drivers have only completed some of their paperwork.   Reminder there 3 things you need completed.  One is  you need to have your Sanctioning License already Purchased and have it or your receipt with you, Two is the Chateau Speedway Track Registration Form and the Third is your W9 filled out and signed.  Only one of two of the three will not get you the Fiver.   The Forms are available on the ChateauSpeedway.Com Webpage.  Have them completed before you get to the Window to draw on Friday Night. If you missed the memo the Track is giving $5 back to every driver who has there paperwork completed before coming to the Scale Shack to Draw.   Draw Cutoff is 6:45 and the Ladies need that 30 minutes to get lineups printed and posted in time for the 7:15 Start of Racing.    It’s up to you Drivers to have everything ready so this Happens.  If you’re missing something and they have to wait for you to fill something out they won’t give you the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln.