Spirit of 83 and B Mod Challenge Events Rescheduled For One Big Weekend at Chateau Speedway

August 29, 2021

                                                         Update From Mark and Annette Wytaske on this weekend’s Race Action


                Last weekend’s rainout cut into the planned James Krejci Memorial bonus event that was scheduled.  So this weekend the extra money that Ron’s Repair in Owatonna was putting up last weekend has been rolled over into this weekend’s “B Mod Challenge Event”.  The “Challenge Feature payout has been increased and will now pay $600 to win, up from the original payout of $400..  Second place will now pay $500 with $350 for third, $250 for fourth and $200 for fifth.   The rest of the top ten payout will be $175 for sixth, $150 for seventh, $125 for eighth, $100 for ninth and $90 for tenth.  It will continue with $80 for eleventh and $70 for twelfth, with a guaranteed $60 to start the 16 car challenge event featuring the weekends top Midwest Mods and B Mods in the ‘Challenge Feature.

                To add to that the Scott Basness family is putting up an extra $71 in each of the six regular sanctioned points features on Saturday Night in memory of James.   The money will to a “Mystery Position”.

                Plenty of great racing action along with the Bonus Money and Extra Large Purses both nights starting with the “Spirit of 83” on Friday Night will make it a weekend to remember. 

                Thanks to Scott, Ron’s Repair and our other sponsors for adding to another great season at Chateau Speedway.



Chateau Speedway (Lansing, MN)  8/29/2021                                                     Matthew Grage


                One of the biggest battles all season at Chateau Speedway has been The Track against Mother Nature.   Chateau has lost 6 nights to the rain in 2021 and twice it has wiped out the “Spirit of 83” Memorial Event and the Mike Guttormson Memorial A Mod $2500 to win “A Mod” Feature Event.  A 7th night is still yet to be completed with 2 Features that did not get completed before the rains came in on August 20th.    Along with the “Spirit of 83” being rained out this year The Track also lost out on the new event this year a “B Mod Challenge Event Weekend”.  That night was to be two nights of racing with the two B Mod Classes, the “USRA B Mods” and the “WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds” running a challenge event featuring the top cars from each class over two nights in a bonus Feature.  All 6 of The Tracks regular classes will run both nights.  IMCA and WISSOTA Modifieds are welcome to join the field for the weekend’s action and a chance at the big money purses that will be on the line.

                The Track will combine the two events in one big weekend of racing on Friday and Saturday Nights September 10th and 11th.  The Friday Night Show, Sept 10th will be the 3rd attempt to run the “Spirit of 83” event.  Previous posted Payout is basically the same for all classes with the “A Mods running for the $2500 first place check.  Instead of Draw Fee’s as previously announced it will be a straight $100 entry fee for car and driver at the back gate for the “A Mods” as in past years to simplify the system.  Instead of paying at the gate and the draw window its combined into one entry fee.   The USRA B Mods and WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds will be running for a larger purse as well with $500 to win in each of their classes.  Their draw fee is eliminated and it becomes a straight Entry Fee of $50 for Car and driver on Friday Night.  Street Stocks will be a $50 Entry Fee for Car and Driver.   Pure Stocks and Hornets will be just the $30 Pit Pass on Friday night, no entry fees.

                The Saturday Show, Sept 11th, will be another full show with all 6 classes and some added money spread around the purse again.  The payout will basically be the same again as it was for the first scheduled Challenge Event weekend when the Friday night show got in but the Saturday half of the weekend was rained out.  While the payout is a bit different it’s still solid.  The only class’s with an entry fee on Saturday Night will be the USRA B Mods and the WISSOTA Midwest Mods.  The entry fee for car and driver for those classes will be $50 while regular pit pass pricing and no entry fees will apply to the rest of the field.  Pit passes on Saturday Night will also be $30.

                National Points will be awarded to all 6 classes on both nights as they will be two complete shows.  The only Non-Points Race of the weekend will be the Finale on Saturday Night when the top 7 cars in each of the B Mod classes along with 2 promoters choice provisional’s make up the field for the 16 car “Challenge Event”.  




“A Mods”

Friday:    $2500 to Win - ($100 Entry Fee Car/Driver)

Saturday:   $700 to Win - (No Entry Fee – Pit Pass Only)


“B Mod/MW Mods”

Friday:  $500 to Win – ($50 Entry Fee Car/Driver)

Saturday: $350 to Win – ($50 Entry Fee Car/Driver)

                    $400 to Win Challenge Event (Top 7 each class plus 2 provisional’s)


“Street Stocks”

Friday:  $350 to Win – ($50 Entry Fee Car/Driver)

Saturday:  $275 to Win – (No Entry Fee – Pit Pass Only)


“Pure Stocks” – “Hornets”

Friday:  $125 to Win – (No Entry Fee – Pit Pass Only)

Saturday:  $100 to Win – (No Entry Fee – Pit Pass Only)


*** All Classes National Points Both Nights – Full Shows Both Nights