Chateau Raceway 5/27/16

May 27, 2016  |  by Matthew Grage

Rain interrupted plans for one of the nights that gets highlighted on the schedule every year for Chateau Raceway, the Mike Guttormson Memorial. Friday night was to be the scheduled 19th annual event with everyone waiting to see who would add there name to the list of past winners or add another win to there resume. However rain has also been a tradition with the Memorial event as over the 19 years the race has run on schedule just 12 times. And of the now seven times that rain has postponed the race, twice it has been postponed two times and another time it took three nights to get the show in. In 2013 the heats were run the scheduled night before it rained, than the make up night for the features was stopped after just half of the features were made up, the rest had to be run on a third night. The yearly event recognizes the memory of the former multi track champion and WISSOTA 100 Champion driver Mike Guttormson of Austin who passed away shortly after winning his final feature race May 30th 1997 at the track. Also scheduled for the nights action were three of the tracks regular classes, the USRA B Mods, the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds and the Pure Stocks. An announcement has not been made yet on any rescheduling of the race either as a USMTS show or as a stand alone track special. Over the years the USMTS Modified touring series has been a part of the memorial 6 times and were scheduled to be so again this year. They were scheduled to be part of the show 1 other time but rescheduling after a rainout did not allow them to be part of the show that year. They also ran specials the week before the memorial on 3 occasions.