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Mid-American Renegade Non Wing Traditional Sprints at Chateau Speedway

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June 18, 2022

Chateau Speedway (Lansing, MN)  6/17/22                                                                                           Matthew Grage


                Weather was perfect on Friday Night for racing action at Chateau Speedway Powered by Garlick’s Water.  The Track played host to the Mid-American Renegade Non-Wing Traditional Sprints.  It was the first of three appearances at Lansing this Season for the class.  They will also be on hand once in July and again in August.

                Scott Brandt of Andover took two of the three appearances at The Track last year with Bryan Roach of Welch taking last years other Feature Win, however he was a no show.  Jake Kouba of Minneapolis was the only driver to finish top three in all three shows last year with two runner up finishes and a third so those were likely the favorites coming into the night.  At the end of the night however it was a driver who didn’t run at all last year at the track, Brian VanMeveren of Woodbury who stole the show.  Brian started outside front row and ran second to St Paul Park’s Brad Cunningham for the first two laps before going to the point and pulling away from the field.  Cunningham held on for second ahead of Brandt.  Brandt did have a heat win on the night as did Johnny Parsons III of Owatonna.

                Taylor Ausrud of Hayfield ran the string of different feature winners this season to five in the Double M Transport USRA B Mod Class.  Ausrud lead early before making a mistake about halfway through to let Kevin Johnson of Bakersfield California slip by.  Johnson returned the favor coming to the white flag getting a bit out of the grove in turn four and Taylor went back to the point for the win.  Kevin held on for second ahead of Michael Johnson of Dexter.  Michael had one of the three heat wins with the other two going to Logan Alseth of Winona and Kullen Kath of Owatonna.

                In Hansen Tire WISSOTA Midwest Modified action Tony Bloom of Rochester scored his first career Chateau Speedway Feature Win with a flag to flag win in the main event.  Trevis Underdahl of Northfield kept the pressure on him but Bloom did a nice job of hitting his marks and secured the win.  Heat Winners Greg Pfeifer Jr of Austin and Kadden Kath of Ellendale finished third and fourth.

                Winona’s Keith Foss kept the string of different feature winners every week going in the French’s Repair USRA A Mods as he came out of row two to the front on lap three.  Front row starters AJ Hoff of Mantorville and AJ Zvorak of Blooming Prairie finished second and third just ahead of Steve Wetzstein of West Concord who charged up to fourth from a row eight starting spot.  Foss also had a heat win as did Jason Cummins of New Richland and Josh Angst of Winona.

                Manke’s Outdoor Equipment Chateau Hornets were another class that saw the string of different Feature winners each week continue.  Tanner Chadderdon of Faribault in his first appearance of the year at The Track put together a solid night taking the feature win as well as a heat win.  Shawn Poston of Red Wing who had the other heat in in the class finished second ahead of Brandon Blanchard of Chester Iowa.  There was a frightening moment in heat one when Maison Poston of Red Wing went high off of turn one and rolled his car several times.  He crawled out safely after the car landed on its roof.

                Joe Schmit of Ventura Iowa claimed his second straight feature in the Skjeveland Sanitation USRA Stock Carss.  Schmit had the lead early before Chris Adams of McIntire Iowa slipped by but with just a hand full of laps to go Adams got a bit out of the grove in four and Joe went back to the point and this time stayed there all the way to the checkers.  Andrew Eischens of Taopi took the classes lone heat.

                In Power 96 Chateau Pure Stocks Eischens had two more wins as he took his heat and the feature in the class.  Jack Maas of Faribault and Kyndra Guttormson of Chatfield had the classes other two heat wins.

                Racing continues next Friday Night with the regular six classes back in action.  The night will be highlighted by the Induction Ceremony of the Third Class to be included in the Chateau Speedway Hall of Fame.  Racing action gets underway at 7:15 with the Induction Ceremony for this years six inductees taking place during intermission.  Joining the Hall will be Steve Sorensen, Todd Scharkey, Larry Nelson, Louis “Bud” Lomholt, Dick Veldman and Maynard White.  Steve, Todd and Larry will be on hand with family representing the other three.



A Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 7X-Andrew Eischens[9]; 2. 17-Michael Wick[11]; 3. 46K-Stacy Krohnberg[7]; 4. 31R-Raey Hastings IV[5]; 5. 46-Devyn Deyo[17]; 6. 33-Jim Briggs[15]; 7. 44-Trey Hoppe[13]; 8. 75N-Dylan Nirk[10]; 9. 09-Skylar Findley[14]; 10. 31G-Michael Gift[19]; 11. 69-Brandon Wiedeman[16]; 12. 1-Jack Maas[3]; 13. 5V-Viola Brannan[21]; 14. (DNF) 2-Troy Maas[1]; 15. (DNF) 38-Dylan Pederson[2]; 16. (DNF) 00-Bobby Crews[4]; 17. (DNS) 55-Sarah Nipp; 18. (DNS) 36-Andy Krohnberg; 19. (DQ) 17P-Jack Paulson[8]; 20. (DQ) 96-Kyndra Guttormson[6]; 21. (DQ) 4-Joshua Bentzen[12]

Heat 1 (6 Laps): 1. 96-Kyndra Guttormson[2]; 2. 00-Bobby Crews[3]; 3. 38-Dylan Pederson[1]; 4. 75N-Dylan Nirk[4]; 5. 44-Trey Hoppe[7]; 6. 69-Brandon Wiedeman[6]; 7. (DNS) 36-Andy Krohnberg

Heat 2 (6 Laps): 1. 7X-Andrew Eischens[7]; 2. 31R-Raey Hastings IV[3]; 3. 46K-Stacy Krohnberg[1]; 4. 17-Michael Wick[4]; 5. 09-Skylar Findley[2]; 6. 46-Devyn Deyo[5]; 7. 31G-Michael Gift[6]

Heat 3 (6 Laps): 1. 1-Jack Maas[1]; 2. 17P-Jack Paulson[3]; 3. 2-Troy Maas[5]; 4. 4-Joshua Bentzen[2]; 5. 33-Jim Briggs[6]; 6. 55-Sarah Nipp[4]; 7. 5V-Viola Brannan[7]


Double M Transport USRA B MODIFIED

A Feature 1 (18 Laps): 1. 3A-Taylor Ausrud[2]; 2. 20S-Kevin Johnson[4]; 3. 22C-Michael Johnson[1]; 4. 02K-Hunter Kennedy[3]; 5. 54-Jett Sorensen[18]; 6. 83R-Kullen Kath[10]; 7. 15-Cole Neisius[7]; 8. 81K-Caleb Korpi[11]; 9. 2C-Cole Bennerotte[16]; 10. 5-Michael Meyer[14]; 11. 7M-Matt Tighe[20]; 12. 33-Corbin Ludemann[5]; 13. 08K-Toby Kennedy[13]; 14. (DNF) 21M-Brandon McFarland[19]; 15. (DNF) 4-Greg Brooks[15]; 16. (DNF) 29-Lilli Reps[6]; 17. (DNF) 08-Kyle Kotek[17]; 18. (DNF) 99-Noah Grinstead[12]; 19. (DNF) 07-Logan Alseth[8]; 20. (DNS) 21-Rian Leichtnam

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 22C-Michael Johnson[2]; 2. 20S-Kevin Johnson[1]; 3. 99-Noah Grinstead[7]; 4. 33-Corbin Ludemann[4]; 5. 08K-Toby Kennedy[5]; 6. (DNF) 2C-Cole Bennerotte[6]; 7. (DNS) 21M-Brandon McFarland

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 83R-Kullen Kath[2]; 2. 15-Cole Neisius[4]; 3. 3A-Taylor Ausrud[1]; 4. 02K-Hunter Kennedy[3]; 5. 5-Michael Meyer[6]; 6. (DNF) 08-Kyle Kotek[7]; 7. (DNS) 7M-Matt Tighe

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 07-Logan Alseth[3]; 2. 29-Lilli Reps[5]; 3. 81K-Caleb Korpi[4]; 4. 21-Rian Leichtnam[1]; 5. (DNF) 4-Greg Brooks[6]; 6. (DNF) 54-Jett Sorensen[2]


French’s Repair USRA A MODIFIED

A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 95-Keith Foss[4]; 2. 55H-AJ Hoff[2]; 3. Z29-AJ Zvorak[1]; 4. 90X-Steve Wetzstein[15]; 5. 72-Doug Hillson[6]; 6. 24S-Charlie Steinberg[3]; 7. 99-Josh Angst[9]; 8. 4A-Joel Alberts[5]; 9. 23-Darwin Karau[17]; 10. 90-Ryan Wetzstein[12]; 11. 7S-Todd Stinehart[19]; 12. 36K-Jayden Larson[11]; 13. 33-Joe Ludemann[8]; 14. 12-Nick Murgic[18]; 15. 55-Casey Schlichting[14]; 16. (DNF) 38-Michael Wytaske[7]; 17. (DNF) 77-Jacob Stark[16]; 18. (DNS) 71-Jason Cummins; 19. (DNS) 1A-Dwaine Hanson

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 99-Josh Angst[1]; 2. 55H-AJ Hoff[4]; 3. 4A-Joel Alberts[3]; 4. 33-Joe Ludemann[2]; 5. 1A-Dwaine Hanson[5]; 6. 7S-Todd Stinehart[7]; 7. 90X-Steve Wetzstein[6]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 71-Jason Cummins[2]; 2. 38-Michael Wytaske[4]; 3. 24S-Charlie Steinberg[1]; 4. 72-Doug Hillson[6]; 5. (DNF) 77-Jacob Stark[3]; 6. (DNF) 23-Darwin Karau[5]

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 95-Keith Foss[1]; 2. 90-Ryan Wetzstein[5]; 3. 36K-Jayden Larson[2]; 4. Z29-AJ Zvorak[3]; 5. 55-Casey Schlichting[6]; 6. (DNF) 12-Nick Murgic[4]


Manke’s Outdoor Equipment HORNETS

A Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 18T-Tanner Chadderdon[5]; 2. 511-Shawn Poston[3]; 3. 3X-Brandon Blanchard[6]; 4. 21S-Brian Schott[11]; 5. 3D-Daniel Bjonfald[7]; 6. 13W-Philip Wittenberg[8]; 7. 45-Matthew Welch[2]; 8. 33-Aaron Morgan[4]; 9. (DNF) 19C-Colin Wittenberg[13]; 10. (DNF) 12-Hayley Herrick[9]; 11. (DNF) 35-Parker Foster[1]; 12. (DNS) 97X-Carter Kmett; 13. (DNS) 21X-Maison Poston

Heat 1 (5 Laps): 1. 511-Shawn Poston[2]; 2. 3X-Brandon Blanchard[5]; 3. 13W-Philip Wittenberg[7]; 4. 45-Matthew Welch[3]; 5. (DNF) 21S-Brian Schott[6]; 6. (DNF) 21X-Maison Poston[4]; 7. (DNF) 19C-Colin Wittenberg[1]

Heat 2 (5 Laps): 1. 18T-Tanner Chadderdon[1]; 2. 3D-Daniel Bjonfald[4]; 3. 33-Aaron Morgan[3]; 4. 35-Parker Foster[2]; 5. 12-Hayley Herrick[5]; 6. 97X-Carter Kmett[6]


Mid AMerican Renegade - NON-WINGED Sprints

A Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 22-Brian VanMeveren[2]; 2. 2C-Brad Cunningham[1]; 3. 7B-Scott Brandt[4]; 4. 6-Jake Kouba[7]; 5. 135-Joshua Hulberg[8]; 6. 1-Chuck Schumacher[9]; 7. C4-Carl Wade[6]; 8. (DNF) 55-Joseph Kouba[5]; 9. (DNF) 12-Johnny Parsons III[3]

Heat 1 (6 Laps): 1. 7B-Scott Brandt[1]; 2. 2C-Brad Cunningham[2]; 3. 55-Joseph Kouba[4]; 4. 6-Jake Kouba[3]; 5. 135-Joshua Hulberg[5]

Heat 2 (6 Laps): 1. 12-Johnny Parsons III[1]; 2. 22-Brian VanMeveren[3]; 3. C4-Carl Wade[4]; 4. (DNF) 1-Chuck Schumacher[2]



A Feature 1 (18 Laps): 1. 35-Tony Bloom[1]; 2. 17-Trevis Underdahl[4]; 3. 00JR-Greg Pfeifer Jr[7]; 4. 83X-Kadden Kath[8]; 5. 83K-Kobie Kath[6]; 6. 96-Charlie Zander[5]; 7. 79-Jeremy Misgen[3]; 8. G12-Ryan Goergen[2]; 9. 69-Gary Wilde[9]; 10. 79H-Luke Hainka[11]; 11. 42-Ryan Kamish[16]; 12. 27-Brandon Underdahl[13]; 13. 40-Colton Kramer[14]; 14. 33-Darryl Hainka[12]; 15. 86-Noel Hoppe[15]; 16. (DNF) 29-Tommie Tesch[10]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 00JR-Greg Pfeifer Jr[2]; 2. 96-Charlie Zander[1]; 3. 83K-Kobie Kath[5]; 4. 35-Tony Bloom[4]; 5. 69-Gary Wilde[8]; 6. 79H-Luke Hainka[7]; 7. 33-Darryl Hainka[3]; 8. (DNF) 86-Noel Hoppe[6]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 83X-Kadden Kath[3]; 2. G12-Ryan Goergen[6]; 3. 17-Trevis Underdahl[5]; 4. 79-Jeremy Misgen[2]; 5. 29-Tommie Tesch[7]; 6. (DNF) 27-Brandon Underdahl[4]; 7. (DNF) 40-Colton Kramer[1]; 8. (DQ) 42-Ryan Kamish[8]


Skjeveland Sanitation USRA STOCK CARS

A Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 38-Joe Schmit[1]; 2. 14A-Chris Adams[2]; 3. 87-Travis Shipman[8]; 4. 32-Jason Newkirk[4]; 5. 7X-Andrew Eischens[3]; 6. 67-Levi Schott[5]; 7. 14-Caden Neisius[6]; 8. (DNS) 15-Zach Elward

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 7X-Andrew Eischens[2]; 2. 32-Jason Newkirk[7]; 3. 14A-Chris Adams[3]; 4. 38-Joe Schmit[1]; 5. 67-Levi Schott[5]; 6. 14-Caden Neisius[8]; 7. (DNF) 15-Zach Elward[4]; 8. (DQ) 87-Travis Shipman[6]