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"83 for 83" Sponsorship Promotion for "Spirit of 83" Memorial Highlights Early Look at 2020 Schedule.

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January 1, 2020

With the New Year here the Chateau Speedways 2020 Schedule is pretty well set but with discussions still going on with a couple of different groups about some possible specials the actual full schedule is not ready for release.  

                What is known is the Crown Jewel Event of the Season “The Spirit of 83” Memorial  is on the schedule again for Memorial Day Weekend and plans are to make it the biggest and highest paying event  in its history.   This year’s “Mike Guttormson Memorial Feature” should see the highest paying purse in its 22 year history with the “83 for 83” Sponsorship promotion.  The Track is in the process of trying to line up 83 sponsors, either individuals or businesses, to put up $83 each in sponsorship money.  This  would add just under $7000 to what has always had a special payout.   All the sponsorship money would be added into the “Guttormson Memorial Feature” race.  Last year’s Feature winner made a $1000, and plans right now are for this year’s winner to pocket at least $2500.  And with the “83 for #83” Sponsorship money spread throughout the field it could be a nice payout for everybody that makes the show.  The Track is still looking for sponsors.  Everyone interested in being a part of this year’s Memorial as a sponsor is asked to contact Chateau Speedway either through their Facebook page, through Messenger, or email chateauspeedway@gmail.com, or by contacting Mark or Annette Wytaske.  There are plenty of spots available.  The event ran on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend last year and plans are for it to be the same this year which would make it May 24th.

                Besides the Memorial, The 2nd Annual Chateau Speedway Hall of Fame Night and Induction Ceremony will be the end of June with six new members added to last year’s inaugural class.   The 3rd Annual Chateau Speedway Autumn Extravaganza is being penciled in as well for September again this year.  However with Labor Day Weekend falling so late this year (September 7th) it is pushing all the National Fall Specials back a week and crowding the last weekend of September, which is where the Extravaganza has run the last two years.  Not wanting to push the racing season into October, and not wanting to give up this exciting two night – three payout, special the Extravaganza will be moved up to the weekend after Labor Day.  That puts the show on Friday September 11th and Saturday September 12th. Once again this year the top 10 in each class from the weekend who ran both nights will receive a third payout.  The Pack the Stands Fan Appreciation Night with $5 admission for all will be August 14th.  Season Championship Night will be September 4th.  All the other Fun events of the summer like the Car Rides for the Kids and the Bicycle Giveaways and more will be on the schedule again this year.   Along with the return of the Super Stock class this year there will be plenty of fun to be had on Friday Nights again this summer at Lansing.

                Chateau Speedway is looking forward to an exciting 64th Anniversary Season as they set their vision on making the 2020 Season the best yet.