Drivers Save $5 Opening Night

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April 15, 2019

Drivers get your paperwork in early and save $5 on pit pass for opening night.

Chateau Speedway already has the low pit pass price of just $25. We want the show to start on time opening night and drivers who help that happen will get their pass for $20. Pay your $25 at the gate and get a $5 bill back if your track paperwork is in or ready as well as Sanctioning Body License Purchased. (must have receipt if you don't have your actual license) when you come to the scale shack to draw for position. Thanks to all who have already filled out paperwork and sent it in and are already have their info entered in the computer for opening night.

Go to our Webpage and print off the Track Registration form and your W9 form and get them filled out ahead of time, as well as get your sanctioning license, WISSOTA or USRA purchased ahead of time.