Fast Paced Action Thrills Fans As Chateau Speedway Hosts First of 3 Big Specials in September

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September 7, 2018  |  by Matthew Grage

Kevin Stoa won the USRA Modified feature.
Kevin Stoa won the USRA Modified feature.

Chateau Speedway in Lansing Kicked off the first of 3 big action filled September Specials Friday Night sponsored by Kevin Stoa Engineering of Albert Lea and Napa-online.com. The track hosted the WISSOTA Super Stocks for the first time since 2009 and the drivers came from all over for a chance to run the fast one-third mile oval. The purse was bumped up as well with Brauer Roofing kicking in to make the trip worthwhile for everyone. Joining the Super Stocks were the tracks regular weekly classes of WISSOTA Street Stocks and Midwest Modifieds as well as the USRA A and B Mods, Y Waste Removal Hornets and the Power 96 Pure Stocks. Over 100 cars filled the pits for the second week in a row.

Heavy rain earlier in the week had the track looking more like Lake Chateau on Wednesday afternoon, but the river, off the back straightaway was down and the water that filled parts of the infield just out of turn two was back off the racing surface. The small area of water was still about twenty feet off the track in that short low area so drivers were aware and stayed away. A small berm ran along that edge of the track as well to try and help protect the cars from getting into that area of the infield. Unfortunately it was everywhere else on the track that drivers seemed to have a problem with as more yellow flags flew on the night than in the last two to three weeks combined. After several caution plagued heats half the features had there issues as well

The biggest exception to all the cautions on the night was the visiting WISSOTA Super Stocks who ran a caution free twenty lap main event with Brandon Duellman of Winona leading flag to flag for the feature win. Brandon started inside row two and off the drop of the green he stayed glued to the bottom and went by front row starters Dan Severson of Ironton and Neil Eckhart of Rochester. Severson hung with him and chased him for all twenty laps while Dustin Nelson of Ogilvie skirted Neil for third. Dan Nissalke of Winona rounded out the top five. A couple of visiting Track Champions from other tracks made the trip in and took heat wins. Dexton Koch of Becker who was a Track Champion this year at Granite City Speedway took one heat win. Tommy Richards of Mondovi Wisconsin who had Track Championships at Eagle Valley Speedway and Red Cedar Speedway took the other heat win.

WISSOTA Street Stocks were slowed by a pair of cautions in there main event but it wasn’t enough to slow Danny Richards of Mondovi Wisconsin who grabbed his second feature win of the season while visiting Lansing. Danny drew a front row starting spot and never looked back as he out distanced Jason Newkirk of Austin for the win. Jason worked from the outside of row two and after a several lap side by side battle with Noah Grinstead of Austin earned the runner up spot ahead of Noah. Ryan Jacobson of LeRoy and Greg Lammers of Owatonna made out the top five. Richards also took home the classes only heat race giving him a sweep on the night.

Power 96 Pure Stocks were lead by 2018 Chateau Speedway Track Champion Jesse Stahl of Austin who grabbed his fifth feature win of the year. Jesse started in row two and picked his way up to second on lap two and went to the lead on lap three. Chris Hotovec of Dodge Center and Jack Maas of Faribault put on a good show for second with Chris claiming the spot. Mike Wick of Faribault out dueled Ronald Churchill of Faribaullt for fourth. Hotovec scored the classes heat win.

The most caution filled race of the night was the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds who had there race cut short after there seventh caution. Five caution flags flew in the first half of the twenty lap feature and after two more on consecutive laps at lap fifteen the decision was made to give them a green-white-checker finish to end there race. The race was pretty well decided at that point anyway as Michael Wytaske of Hartland was in control. Michael, who came out of row four, moved up to second behind Billy Steinberg on lap three, than moved to the front a lap later. Cole Anderson of Northfield put on a nice show as he came home in second after starting back in row four. Andersons big moved came on lap eleven when he went from fifth to third in turns three and four than a lap later moved up to second. Steinberg held on for third with Christopher Deno of Kasson and Brayten Cisneros filling up the top five. Cisneros had a nice run coming all the way from the eighth row to get a top five. Just outside the top five, also having a nice run, coming all the way from row seven was Ryan Goergen of Stacyville Iowa. Heat winners for the Midwest Modifieds were Wytaske and Drew Williams of Rochester.

USRA B Mods struggled with the cautions as well as five yellow flags slowed the pace of there twenty lap main event. Matt Brooks of Austin, started on the pole in search of his first career USRA B Mod Feature win. A former Track Champion in the Pure Stock class, Matt kept his car steady lap after lap as he held off several challenges to find his way to victory lane. At the end it was Scott Demmer of Ellendale putting the heat on him. Keith Tourville of Janesville worked his way from row five up to a third place finish ahead of Jim Chisholm of Osage Iowa and Jerry Young of Blooming Prairie. Chisholm ran second for much of the middle portion of the race before struggling with a couple of the late restarts. Demmer, Tourville and Josh Roney of Postville Iowa took heat wins. Roney had a good run going as he came from back midpack at the start and was challenging for a top five before he got turned around bringing out one of the many catuions.

Even the big boys, the USRA A Mods had there troubles as they hit five cautions in there main event. The worst of them came off a restart on lap eighteen which took out the second, third and fourth place cars. Kevin Stoa of Albert Lea was leading the race with Paul Niznik of Medford Wisconsin, Blake Arndt of Brownsdale and Mark Noble of Blooming Prairie restarting right behind him. Going into turns one and two on a a restart Niznik and company ended up sideways and the rest of the field was sent scrambling. All 3 ended up suffering enough damage to end there nights. The final seven laps ran off without any more incidents with Jason Cummins of New Richland moving up to second ahead of 2018 Track Champion Darwyn Karau of Kasson. Mark Motl, who started second on the last restart slipped back to fourth followed by Doug Hillson of Blooming Prairie. Noble and Cummins took the classes heat wins.

The race that you might of predicted to have several cautions was the Y Waste Removal Hornets, the final event of the night. Twenty one cars lined up for the feature and several cars went spinning on the first attempt to start the race. A second caution flew midway through the race but the was the last time the yellow was seen on the night. Terry Blowers, winner of a heat win earlier in the night came from row six to the front in just three laps and drove away with the win. The 2018 Track Champion, Brian Adams of Shakopee came home in second followed by Ryan Timm of Austin, Marissa Wolff of Faribault and Andy Knutson of Rochester. Marissa and Andy passed the most cars in the race with Andy coming from the outside of row ten and Marissa from back in row seven. Adams also took a heat win on the night with Seth Scholl of Holmen Wisconsin also scoring a heat win for the class.

The Track will host a Two Night Special, a Friday-Saturday Night Special coming up at the end of the month, the 28th and 29th. Drivers in 7 classes will compete with the KEVKO Outlaw Mini Mods joining the tracks regular 6 classes of WISSOTA Street Stock and Midwest Modified, USRA A and B Mod, Y Waste Removal Hornets and Power 96 Pure Stocks. Friday Night action gets underway at the regular time of 7:15, with the Saturday Show kicking off at 6:00. Grandstand admission will be $12 for adults for the special, but a 2 day pass for $20 will be offered on Friday Night. Several fun activities are scheduled including Music with a DJ on Friday Night after the races. Than on Saturday at Noon there will be a Corn Hole Tournament (Bean Bag). Registration is underway for that event. Other Kids activities also being planned for Saturday including a bouncy house and a candy drop. All activities will be inside the gates so Saturday Pit Passes or Grandstand Tickets will be required to participate in the events to keep it for the fans and drivers. There will also be some exciting giveaways during the weekend. The Track also hosted the Season Ending Enduro for Southern Minnesota Promotions on Saturday.

USRA A Modifieds
A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 98-Kevin Stoa-Albert Lea, [2]; 2. 71-Jason Cummins-New Richland, [5]; 3. 23-Darwin Karau-Kasson, [9]; 4. 20-Mark Motl-Owatonna, [1]; 5. 72-Doug Hillson-Blooming Prairie, [6]; 6. 21-Troy Gudmonson-Savage, [12]; 7. 40-David Schuster-Waterville, [14]; 8. 20JR-David Wytaske-Grand Meadow, [11]; 9. (DNF) 77-Jacob Stark-Austin, [8]; 10. (DNF) 51-Blake Arndt-Bownsdale, [7]; 11. (DNF) 74-Mark Noble-Blooming Prairie, [3]; 12. (DNF) 42-Paul Niznik-Medford WI, [4]; 13. (DNF) 96-Greg Jensen-Albert Lea, [15]; 14. (DNF) 24-Charlie Steinberg-Kasson, [10]; 15. (DNF) 98M-Mitchel Madery-Kasson, [13]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 74-Mark Noble, [3]; 2. 23-Darwin Karau, [5]; 3. 51-Blake Arndt, [6]; 4. 77-Jacob Stark, [1]; 5. 72-Doug Hillson, [4]; 6. 20JR-David Wytaske, [2]; 7. (DNF) 98M-Mitchel Madery, [8]; 8. (DNF) 40-David Schuster, [7]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 71-Jason Cummins, [2]; 2. 20-Mark Motl, [5]; 3. 98-Kevin Stoa, [6]; 4. 42-Paul Niznik, [3]; 5. 24-Charlie Steinberg, [7]; 6. (DNF) 21-Troy Gudmonson, [4]; (DQ) 96-Greg Jensen, [1]

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 38-Michael Wytaske-Hartland, [5]; 2. 97-Cole Anderson-Northfield, [7]; 3. 98D-Christopher Deno-Kasson, [4]; 4. 4-Brayten Cisneros-Blooming Prairie, [16]; 5. G12-Ryan Goergen-Stacyville IA, [14]; 6. 23B-Britt Olson Jr-Waseca, [2]; 7. 79H-Luke Hainka-Wannamingo, [6]; 8. 63JR-Brady Larson-Amery WI, [13]; 9. 33-Darryl Hainka-Wannamingo, [15]; 10. 21K-Paul Kroneman-Brownsdale, [11]; 11. 14-Tyron Friese-Zumbrota, [10]; 12. (DNF) 7W-Drew Williams-Rochester, [8]; 13. (DNF) 86-Noel Hoppe-New Richland, [12]; 14. (DNF) 9-Isaac Clark-Blooming Prairie, [3]; 15. (DNF) 79-Jeremy Misgen-New Richland, [9]; (DQ) 83-Billy Steinberg-Kasson, [1]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 38-Michael Wytaske, [5]; 2. 83-William Steinberg, [9]; 3. 98D-Christopher Deno, [8]; 4. 23B-Britt Olson Jr, [4]; 5. 79-Jeremy Misgen, [7]; 6. 21K-Paul Kroneman, [1]; 7. 86-Noel Hoppe, [3]; 8. 63JR-Brady Larson, [2]; (DQ) 4-Brayten Cisneros, [6]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 7W-Drew Williams, [1]; 2. 9-Isaac Clark, [2]; 3. 97-Cole Anderson, [5]; 4. 79H-Luke Hainka, [7]; 5. 14-Tyron Friese, [3]; 6. (DNF) G12-Ryan Goergen, [6]; (DNS) 33-Darryl Hainka,

Y Waste Removal Hornets
A Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. 43-Terry Blowers-Waseca, [6]; 2. 0-Brian Adams-Shakopee, [9]; 3. 17-Ryan Timm-Austin, [1]; 4. 23-Marissa Wolff-Waseca, [14]; 5. 59-Andy Knutson-Rochester, [20]; 6. 5-Nick Sillman-Minnesota Lake, [2]; 7. 92-Justin Anderson-Holmen WI, [5]; 8. 14-Hunter Nelson-Preston, [12]; 9. 64-Eric Pfundt-Milaca, [11]; 10. 13-Chad Nagel-Spring Valley, [21]; 11. 81-Matt Wieman-Owatonna, [19]; 12. 42-Cody Hyatt-Waseca, [8]; 13. 12-Cale Giesler-West Concord, [16]; 14. 63-Bailey Wolff-Waseca, [3]; 15. 6-TJ Barnett-Owatonna, [17]; 16. 59F-Zachary Furbur-Annandale, [15]; 17. 27-Sheldon Albertson-Ogilvie, [13]; 18. (DNF) 11-Seth Scholl-Holmen WI, [7]; 19. (DNF) 45-Matthew Welch-Waseca, [18]; 20. (DNF) 7X-Ridge Oien-Bloomington, [4]; (DQ) 29-Tommie Tesch-Waseca, [10]

Heat 1 (5 Laps): 1. 43-Terry Blowers, [2]; 2. 7X-Ridge Oien, [5]; 3. 64-Eric Pfundt, [4]; 4. 14-Hunter Nelson, [7]; (DNS) 6-Timothy Barnett, ; (DQ) 59-Andy Knutson, [6]; (DQ) 13-Chad Nagel, [3]

Heat 2 (5 Laps): 1. 0-Brian Adams, [2]; 2. 17-Ryan Timm, [3]; 3. 42-Cody Hyatt, [4]; 4. 63-Bailey Wolff, [6]; 5. 27-Sheldon Albertson, [1]; (DNS) 45-Matthew Welch, ; (DNS) 81-Matt Wieman,

Heat 3 (5 Laps): 1. 11-Seth Scholl, [1]; 2. 92-Justin Anderson, [4]; 3. 29-Tommie Tesch, [3]; 4. 5-Nick Sillman, [6]; 5. 23-Marissa Wolff, [5]; 6. 59F-Zachary Furbur, [2]; 7. 12-Cale Giesler, [7]

Power 96 Pure Stock
A Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. 21-Jesse Stahl-Austin, [3]; 2. 4-Chris Hotovec-Dodge Center, [4]; 3. 1SR-Jack Maas-Faribault, [2]; 4. 31W-Michael WickFaribault, [1]; 5. 17-Ronald Churchill-Faribault, [5]; 6. 11-Michael Gift-Elysian, [8]; 7. 3G-Josh Sousa-Albert Lea, [6]; (DNS) 33-Jim Briggs-Waseca,

Heat 1 (6 Laps): 1. 1SR-Jack Maas, [2]; 2. 21-Jesse Stahl, [5]; 3. 4-Chris Hotovec, [6]; 4. 31W-Michael Wick, [4]; 5. 17-Ronald Churchill, [3]; 6. 3G-Josh Sousa, [7]; 7. 33-Jim Briggs, [8]; 8. 11-Michael Gift, [1]

WISSOTA Street Stocks
A Feature 1 (18 Laps): 1. 3R-Danny Richards-Mondovi WI, [1]; 2. 32-Jason Newkirk-Austin, [4]; 3. 99G-Noah Grinstead-Austin, [2]; 4. 22-Ryan Jacobsen-LeRoy, [3]; 5. 99-Greg Lammers-Owatonna, [6]; 6. 47-Brent Holland-Glenville, [7]; 7. 42-Cody Hyatt-Waseca, [5]; 8. (DNF) 16-Jacob Bennett-Austin, [8]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 3R-Danny Richards, [3]; 2. 22-Ryan Jacobsen, [1]; 3. 32-Jason Newkirk, [5]; 4. 99G-Noah Grinstead, [6]; 5. 42-Cody Hyatt, [2]; 6. 99-Greg Lammers, [7]; 7. 47-Brent Holland, [8]; 8. 16-Jacob Bennett, [4]

WISSOTA Super Stocks
A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 0-Brandon Duellman-Winona, [3]; 2. 30-Dan Severson-Ironton, [1]; 3. 46-Dustin Nelson-Oglvie, [4]; 4. 7E-Neil Eckhart-Rochester, [2]; 5. 22-Dan Nissalke-Winona, [6]; 6. 78K-Dexton Koch-Becker, [8]; 7. 34-Jeff Brauer-Eyota, [5]; 8. 7R-Tommy Richards-Mondovi WI, [7]; 9. 80D-Brett Dulas-Waseca, [10]; 10. 55S-Ryan Schaufler-Hutchinson, [9]; 11. 42-Schatney Sanders-Lake City, [12]; 12. 12T-Trent Brutger-Watkins, [11]; 13. 21-David Miller-Chatfield, [14]; 14. 17-Harland Morehart JR-Rochester, [13]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 78K-Dexton Koch, [3]; 2. 7E-Neil Eckhart, [2]; 3. 0-Brandon Duellman, [6]; 4. 30-Dan Severson, [4]; 5. 55S-Ryan Schaufler, [5]; 6. 12T-Trent Brutger, [7]; 7. 17-Harland Morehart, [1]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 7R-Tommy Richards, [4]; 2. 46-Dustin Nelson, [1]; 3. 22-Dan Nissalke, [7]; 4. 34-Jeff Brauer, [5]; 5. 80D-Brett Dulas, [2]; 6. 42-Schatney Sanders, [3]; 7. 21-David Miller, [6]

USRA B Modified
A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 44-Matthew Brooks-Austin, [1]; 2. 30-Scott Demmer-Ellendale, [4]; 3. 36-Keith Tourville-Janesville, [10]; 4. 24C-Jim Chisholm-Osage IA, [6]; 5. 18Y-Jerry Young-Blooming Prairie, [8]; 6. Z29-Anthony (AJ) Zvorak-Blooming Prairie, [5]; 7. 33S-Dustin Steinbrink-Austin, [9]; 8. 51E-Shawn Evans-Kenyon, [3]; 9. 8X-Josh Roney-Postville IA, [11]; 10. 81K-Caleb Korpi-Claremont, [7]; 11. S43-Shaun Olson-Albert Lea, [15]; 12. 31-Raey Hastings IV-Austin, [18]; 13. 88C-Eric Condit-Austin, [14]; 14. 0D-Thomas Rolfes-Carpenter IA, [2]; 15. 40-Larry Scott-Northfield, [21]; 16. 8-Dan Lewison-Dexter, [19]; 17. (DNF) 02K-Hunter Kennedy-St Ansgar IA, [16]; 18. (DNF) 5-Jesse Baer-Minnesota Lake, [17]; 19. (DNF) 4W-Tucker Williams-Rochester, [13]; 20. (DNF) 51-Michael Campbell-Belle Plaine, [20]; (DNS) 55-Brody Shaw-Brownsdale,

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 30-Scott Demmer, [1]; 2. 44-Matthew Brooks, [3]; 3. 18Y-Jerry Young, [4]; 4. Z29-Anthony (AJ) Zvorak, [7]; 5. 88C-Eric Condit, [5]; 6. 5-Jesse Baer, [6]; 7. 31-Raey Hastings IV, [2]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 8X-Josh Roney, [2]; 2. 24C-Jim Chisholm, [3]; 3. 51E-Shawn Evans, [6]; 4. 4W-Tucker Williams, [1]; 5. S43-Shaun Olson, [4]; 6. (DNF) 8-Dan Lewison, [7]; (DQ) 0D-Thomas Rolfes, [5]

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 36-Keith Tourville, [5]; 2. 33S-Dustin Steinbrink, [4]; 3. 55-Brody Shaw, [1]; 4. 81K-Caleb Korpi, [2]; 5. 02K-Hunter Kennedy, [3]; 6. (DNF) 51-Michael Campbell, [6]; 7. (DNF) 40-Larry Scott, [7]