Chateau Speedway participates in emotional day for young race fan dying from Leukemia in Oskaloosa Iowa

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August 20, 2018  |  by Matthew Grage

Left to right: Brandon, Heather and Jacob Hammond, Derek McGrew, Cody Smith.
Left to right: Brandon, Heather and Jacob Hammond, Derek McGrew, Cody Smith.

One of the biggest stories in Dirt Tack Racing in the Midwest the past few months has been the battle of a young 11 year old boy in Oskaloosa Iowa who has been losing his race against ‘B Cell ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). Caleb Hammond of Oskaloosa, a dirt track racing fan, was diagnosed back in February of 2017 and has struggled thru several types of treatments and he and his family recently decided to stop treatment. The lack of any real hope and the toll its taking on the young man has been difficult. Knowing what this all meant he had one request, to have his casket covered in racing stickers. Over the past weeks stickers have been pouring into the family home and Saturday Night he was able to fulfill another dream, the dream of racing himself. Thanks to Southern Iowa Speedway and the help of many volunteers they set up a race day which allowed him to compete in 3 races and have the full race experience with other competitors on the track with him. Chateau Speedway was among all the Tracks and fans represented at the event with Derek McGrew and Cody Smith making the trip down taking a box of stickers down including some track logos. The pair met with a few of Caleb’s family members, his Aunt and Uncle Heather and Jacob Hammond and there son Braxton. Derek said it was an “emotional and moving experience”.